Stone Island Hydrophobic FW '011
The 2nd film in the series of Fall/Winter films is focusing on Stone Island's unique hydrophobic finish.
What is basically does is preventing any fabric from soaking up water hence making the garment water-repellent.
Like your good old detergent commercials that we all grew up with, the film shows the pros of having a hydrophobic garment. Obviously.

Again parts of the installation are based on the classic Stone Island display systems developed by Zeichenweg TM.

systems developed by Zeichenweg TM.

Concept, Production & Direction: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Director of Photography: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Edit: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Motion Design: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
3D Modeling & Animation: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Lighting Assistant: Sjors Hagens
Key Grip: Luca @MilanoStudios
Designer: Errolson Hugh @Acronym
Model: Paolo @ElmerOlsen Models
Styling: &son (Nick Griffiths and Simon Foxton)

Filmed at MilanoStudios, Milan