Stone Island Ice Jacket FW '011
The 3rd film in the series of Fall/Winter films is focusing on the Ice Jacket.
As the name suggests it changes color based on the surrounding temperatures.
For the jackets I employed an old-school Stone Island cooling housing i found in the archive and merged it into the installation we designed specifically for the shoot.
Again parts of the installation are based on the classic Stone Island display systems developed by Zeichenweg TM.

systems developed by Zeichenweg TM.

Concept, Production & Direction: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Director of Photography: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Edit: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Motion Design: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
3D Modeling & Animation: Ken-Tonio Yamamoto
Lighting Assistant: Sjors Hagens
Key Grip: Luca @MilanoStudios
Designer: Errolson Hugh @Acronym
Model: Paolo @ElmerOlsen Models
Styling: &son (Nick Griffiths and Simon Foxton)

Filmed at MilanoStudios, Milan